VPI Reveal is the most advanced stereoscopic 3D viewing solution available. Giving you the crucial anatomical insight you need.

"...we were able to “fly” into the pathologic structure of the brain, instead of looking on it from different “rigid” angles in the other available 3D systems that are currently available."


Helicopter your way through the human body, seamlessly, reliably, with every detail in high definition stereoscopic 3D. Giving you the crucial anatomical insight to accurately assess and treat your patients. Ultimately to cure and save lives.


VPI Reveal. It is nothing short of spectacular.

VPI REVEAL is the most advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization solution available today. It converts CT and MRI data instantly into stereoscopic bona fide 3D images, providing you with the crucial anatomical insight to accurately assess and treat your patients.

Comprehensive & Detailed.

Our proprietary/dedicated rendering method produces unparalleled high definition stereoscopic 3D images, revealing the subtleties and nuances of even the most complex patient pathology. Helicopter your way through your patient’s anatomy from any angle you want, with a comprehensive view of any area of interest in sharp detail.


You can rely on VPI REVEAL for the comprehensive, sharp insight needed to assess and treat patients better.

Easy & Efficient

VPI REVEAL produces the stereoscopic 3D images instantaneously, without any required pre-processing, editing, or elaborate training. It includes record and replay functionality allowing you optimal interdisciplinary case evaluation, consultation, and preparation. 


VPI REVEAL is ideal to optimise day-to-day clinical workflow.



There are several benefits for VPI REVEAL users:

  • A Boost in Surgical Confidence

  • Optimal Strategy and Preparation

  • Improved Communication with Colleagues, Patients, and Students

  • Easier Teaching and Learning of Anatomy / Pathology