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VPI Reveal allows you to instantly generate high quality 3D volume models from CT and MRI medical imaging data. You can then 'helicopter' through this 3D anatomical model, visualize details and obtain the crucial insight to help you understand the patients problem more clearly.


These models can be viewed in stereoscopic 3D by means of a 3D monitor/TV and 3D glasses. Several features are built in to allow interaction with the patient data to improve the view, change the contrast-level and highlight important details.

To give you a distinct impression, we have added a number of VPI Reveal images and videos below.


Warning! Note that these are meant to give an impression, but obviously do not compare to the live stereoscopic 3D virtual reality images. Please feel free to contact us or one of our distributors for a demonstration.



Temporal Artery
Vena Hepatica
Heart Aorta
Circle of Willes
Heart + Lung
C-spine AP
C-spine + Dens PA
Aortic Dissection
Arteria Basilaris
Ankle AP
Abdominal Wall
Meer weergeven




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Abdominal Wall